AquaPill 4 - Stain Remover

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»» Description:

AquaPill 4 - Stain Remover


AquaPill 4 - Stain Remover. ETAP4. The AquaPill 4 is a Stain Remover. The AquaPill 4 removes exiting stains caused by Copper, Iron and Maganese. AquaPill is a unique line of specialty pool chemicals, for residential and commercial pools, in a patented, time-release delivery system. The specialty chemicals are contained in pre-filled, ready to use plastic capsules that are placed directly into the pool or skimmer basket, without any mixing or measuring. As water circulates, the chemical slowly disperses into the water to treat the pool. Designed to maintain the appearance and quality of pool water, the AquaPill line has products to treat a wide range of pool applications, such as clarifying, algae removal, stain and scale removal, winterizing and pH maintenance. Regular use will ensure sparkling clear water. Choose one of the AquaPill systems to address the needs of your pool.


»» Application:

  • Pool Supplies

»» Features:

  • Removes exiting stains caused by Copper, Iron and Maganese
  • Long lasting professional strength
  • Pre-measured doses

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Manufacturers Website Click Here

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