Aviva Ranger Fishin Buddy

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»» Description:

Aviva Ranger Fishin Buddy

Aviva Ranger Fishin Buddy is a remote controlled boat that is used to catch fish and is great for any fishing enthusiast. It has two speeds, three frequencies, and high-performance twin motors, the Aviva Fishin buddy comes equipped with everything you'll need to get out on the water and catch the "big one." Boat also has the extra power to pull the fish back to the dock. Ranger Fishin Buddy includes 1 boat, remote control, tackle, buddy bobber and retrieval wand.

»» Application:

  • Swimming Pools

»» Features:

  • Ranger Fishin Buddy
  • Remote control boat retrieves and catches fish
  • Two speeds
  • Three frequencies
  • High-performance twin motors
  • Great for any fishing enthusiast
  • Powerful enough to pull fish back to the dock
  • Tackle and accessories included

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