Bradley Smoker Mesquite Bisquettes - 48 Pack

Bradley Smoker
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»» Description:

Bradley Smoker Mesquite Bisquettes - 48 Pack

Bradley Smoker Mesquite Bisquettes are the Bradley flavor Bisquettes. To produce the bisquettes, the hardwood chippings are bound together using precise quantities, at controlled pressures and densities. The flavor of the smoke is determined by the variety of wood being burned. Bradley Smoker Mesquite Bisquettes burns a flavor bisquette once every 20 minutes producing a clean smoke flavor. As each is burnt, it is gently pushed from the burner element by the next bisquette, to be extinguished in the pot of water. The cycle continues for as long as the Bradley Smoker Mesquite Bisquettes are loaded with bisquettes.

»» Application:

  • Indoor

»» Features:

  • 48 Pack
  • Flavor: Mesquite
  • Produces a clean smoke flavor
  • Box Size: 180 x 240 x 65mm
  • Box Weight: 0.95 kg

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