Camp Chef Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan

Camp Chef
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»» Description:

The Camp Chef Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan may sound like a complicated name but it actually has a very interesting meaning. The dictionary definition of this item is: "Æbleskiver (Danish meaning apple slices in English (singular: æbleskive) are traditional Danish cakes, somewhat similar in texture to American pancakes. Æbleskiver are cooked in a special æbleskive pan, a cast-iron pan with several hemi-spherical indentations in the bottom of the pan. Batter is poured into the indentations and as it begins to cook it is flipped with a skewer to give the cakes their characteristic round shape." They were traditionally cooked with bits of apple (æble) or applesauce inside but these ingredients are not normally included in modern Danish forms of the dish. Æbleskiver are not sweet themselves but are traditionally sprinkled with powdered sugar, accompanied with raspberry or sometimes strawberry jam.


This Aebleskiver Pan can also be used to make "pancake balls" using regular pancake batter. Be creative and have fun finding different uses for this pan!

»» Application:

  • For use with making Aebleskiver (Danish cakes)

»» Features:

  • The Camp Chef Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan makes great Aebleskiver

  • Aebleskiver are Danish cakes similar to pancakes

  • Cast-iron construction

  • Hemi-spherical indentation in bottom of pan

  • Can also be used to make "pancake balls"

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