Camp Chef Charcoal Lighter Basket

Camp Chef
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»» Description:

The Camp Chef Charcoal Lighter Basket allows you to light your charcoal quickly and easily. How To: For outdoor use only. Fill charcoal lighter basket half full with briquettes. Place basket over Camp Chef burner to light. Or, stuff crumpled newspaper under the basket grate and ignite over a dry, fire-resistant surface. Once tips of briquettes turn white, they are ready to cook with.


»» Application:

  • For use with cooking outdoors

»» Features:

  • The Camp Chef Charcoal Light Basket helps light charcoal quickly and easily

  • For outdoor use only

  • Briquettes will turn white when ready to cook with

»» Product Notes / Warranty / Manufactures Website:

One Year Limited Warranty on Stoves

90 Limited Warranty on Accessories

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