Camp Chef Log Cabin Dutch Oven Cookbook

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The Camp Chef Log Cabin Dutch Oven Cookbook is a must for the cook who loves the great outdoors and the nutritious, mouth-watering tastes of perfect Dutch Oven cooking. Each recipe in this Dutch Oven cookbook has been tested many times and always receives abundant approval. Though nearly forgotten through time, the Dutch Oven is rich in American history and tradition. More and more people are coming back to Dutch Oven style cooking. This is a much healthier and more enjoyable way of cooking.

This Log Cabin cookbook is fun book and has been delightfully illustrated. Full of useful instructions using Dutch Oven methods and equipment, this cookbook teaches you how to judge coals, store and stack your Dutch ovens and more.


»» Application:

  • For use with Dutch Oven cooking

»» Features:

  • The Camp Chef Log Cabin Dutch Oven Cookbook is great for anyone with a Dutch Oven

  • Recipes have been tested many times

  • Delightfully illustrated

  • Full of useful instructions about Dutch Oven cooking methods and equipment

  • Cookbook gives information on judging coals, storing and stacking your oven and more

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