Dura-Vent 8 Inch Wall Strap - Use Every 4 Feet

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»» Description:

Dura-Vent 8 Inch Wall Strap - Use Every 4 Feet

Dura-Vent 8 Inch Wall Strap is used to aid in supporting lengths of chimney pipe. It provides 1" clearance to attachment point. Wall straps is recommended at 4' intervals on vertical runs. It has no required gaskets or sealants to achieve leak resistant connections. Dura-Vent is a complete venting system designed for use with gas direct vent stoves, heaters, and fireplaces.

»» Application:

  • Indoor

»» Features:

  • Wall strap
  • Laser-Welded Inner & Outer Seams
  • All Elbows Swivel to ensure precise alignment
  • One piece pipe extensions
  • Wall Thimbles / Ceiling Support Covers designed with insulation ring preventing outside air entering structure
  • Leak Free Connection - No Gasketing Or Sealants Required
  • Use every 4 feet
  • Clearances: Specified by the appliance manufacturer
  • Diameter: 5" ID x 8" OD

»» Product Notes / Warranty / Manufactures Website:

Warranty : 15 Years Limited

Manufactures Website

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