GOW Fatwood Peach Box

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»» Description:

GOW Fatwood Peach Box

GOW Fatwood Peach Box are used to start wood fires in wood fireplaces, wood fire pits, chimneys and campfires. It comes only from pine trees and it is the resin rich portion of the pine tree stump that is true fatwood. It is completely natural pine sticks that are extremely rich in resin. It can also be used to start charcoal cooking fires. They give a delightful aroma to the hearth.

»» Application:

  • Indoor

»» Features:

  • Fatwood Peach Box
  • Natural pine sticks rich in resin
  • Place one or two sticks around stacked logs and light
  • Give a delightful aroma to the hearth
  • Should only be used in wood fires: wood fireplaces, wood fire pits, chimneys and campfires

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