Koolatron Coca Cola Fun Cooler

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»» Description:

The Koolatron Coca Cola Fun Cooler provides storage and temperature control for food and beverages. Cool or warm your food and drinks easily. This thermoelectric Coca-Cola Fun Cooler / Warmer is perfect for the car, boats, or use at home. With a 12 volt power cord this Coca Cola Compact Cooler can be powered by the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle or anywhere there is a 12 volt power receptacle. This 14 Liter capacity compact cooler and warmer holds 20 - 12 oz cans. Coca Cola Fun Cooler operates on 12V DC or 110V AC with an AC adaptor. Cools food and drinks to 22° C (36°F) below the ambient temperature and warms to 65 °C (149°F). The Coca-Cola Fun Cooler is ideal for the car, home or boat. This thermoelectric cooler and warmer has ample internal storage, three can holders on top. External heat dissipation by fan. With a sliding removable divider shelf it can be placed horizontally as a refrigerator.


»» Application:

  • For use in cars, boats, RVs, trucks and SUVs

»» Features:

  • Provides storage and temperature control

  • Perfect for cars, boats and homes

  • 14 liter capacity

  • Holds up to 20 - 12 oz. cans

  • Cools food and drinks to 22° C (36°F) below ambient temperature

  • Warms to 65 °C (149°F)

  • External heat dissipation by fan

  • Sliding removable divider shelf

  • Can be placed horizontally

  • Operates on 12V DC or 110V AC with an AC adaptor

  • INCLUDES both the 12V (car) and 110V (home adapter)

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