Koolatron Juicin Juicer

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»» Description:

Koolatron Juicin Juicer

Koolatron Juicin Juicer is take all the goodness and nutrition out of fruits and vegetables, and put the vitamins and minerals fresh into your glass. Fresh juice is only a twist of a knob away with this powerful Juicin Electric Juicer. Turn most fruit or vegetable into ultra-fresh, nutritious juice with this easy-to-use electric juicer. You can experiment with different combinations of fruits, vegetables and juices to create all new taste sensations. The Juicin juicer is not suitable for processing very hard and/or fibrous/starchy fruits or vegetables such as sugar cane. To extract the maximum amount of juice, always press the pusher down slowly. The Juice Guru is easier to clean if you do so immediately after use. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents, scourers, acetone, alcohol etc. to clean the juicer. All detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

»» Application:

  • Indoor

»» Features:

  • Juicin Juicer
  • Metal filter
  • Wide chute opening
  • Suction cups for sturdy placement
  • Dual speed selector
  • 700-Watt motor base
  • 22,000 RPM’s
  • Surgical steel juicing blade
  • Juice collector with spout and no-drip cap
  • Removable pulp container
  • Lid wth 3" wide feeding tube and plunger
  • Manual
  • No-drip cap
  • Auto shut-off

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