Koolatron PestContro Ultrasonic 500 - 3 Pack

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»» Description:

Koolatron PestContro Ultrasonic 500 - 3 Pack

Koolatron PestContro Ultrasonic 500 - 3 Pack is designed to provide ultrasonic coverage within a single room. Coverage in a room can be improved by bouncing the sound off reflecting objects such as walls, mirrors, cupboard doors, appliances, etc. Koolatron PestContro is obtaining a ricochet pattern will increase effective coverage. It is important to note that ultrasound cannot transmit through walls and doors, so you can keep the ultrasonic coverage within a room by closing doors, or leave the doors open to potentially extend the protection outside the room where it is plugged in. Simply plug the PestContro Ultrasonic 500 device into an unobstructed wall outlet in the room to be covered by ultrasonic sound power. It contains three individual PestContro 500 units, allowing you to place multiple units in selected areas of your home or office.

»» Application:

  • Indoor

»» Features:

  • PestContro Ultrasonic 500 - 3 Pack
  • Each unit covers a single room with ultrasonic protection
  • Economical Three Pack offers multiple room protection
  • Simply Plug it in and the product begins emitting ultrasonic protection immediately
  • LED Power Indicator confirms product is working correctly
  • Ricochet pattern will increase effective coverage

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