Leisure Time Brominating Tablets 4 lbs - 6 Bottles

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»» Description:

Leisure Time Brominating Tablets 4 lbs - 6 Bottles have been based on Dantabrom chemistry. Brominating Tablets provide a concentrated source of active bromine that is ideal for hot tub sanitizing. These tablets dissolve slowly and evenly and fit in most spa feeders and floaters to provide continuous disinfection of your spa.

»» Application:

  • For spas

»» Features:

  • Leisure Time Brominating Tablets are based on Dantabrom chemistry
  • Contain 10% more active sanitizer than BCDMH
  • Brom Tabs are 2.5 times more soluble than BCDMH
  • Creates faster bromine residual for spa startup
  • Includes 6, 4 lb. bottles

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