Solaira Replacement Light Bulb

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Replacement Quartz Light Bulb for the Solaira Patio Heater

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  •  Outdoors, Patios, Backyards, and More!

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Long lasting bulb for the Solaira Patio Heater

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Quartz Heaters Work!

Traditionally, heat rushes out and cold air enters whenever doors are opened in a building, whether it is a home, factory, church, workshop, school, or gymnasium. 

Because radiant quartz heaters only warm people and objects and not the air in between, they overcome this problem whilst maximizing comfort and minimizing waste.

Quartz heat does not blow away or out, they are perfect for external use.  We all yearn to enjoy long summer evening in our gardens; unfortunately the weather does not always allow us to do so.  Solaira quartz patio heaters provide the perfect solution, enabling us to extend business in pubs, hotels and restaurants and extend the pleasurable use of our own patios and gardens.

Solaira’s selection of quartz heaters are aesthetically designed to blend in with environments old and new, providing a cost effective pollution-free heater.  All the heaters are manufactured to the highest standard, making them ideal for use in most applications. 

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