SolarPill Liquid Solar Blanket

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»» Description:

SolarPill Liquid Solar Blanket

The AP72 SolarPill Liquid Solar Blanket will help eliminate the majority of daily heat loss in pools up to 30,000 gallons. The AquaPill SolarPill minimizes the heat loss which is primarily caused by evaporation; the SolarPill does this by forming an ultra-thin, invisible floating barrier on the water’s surface. The SolarPill is very simple to use, just drop it right in the skimmer and the patented delivery system which will gradually release the formula into your pool’s filtration system for even and optimal dispersion.

»» Application:

  • Pools Up to 30,000 Gallons

»» Features:

  • Works with all types of sanitizers

    Easy to Use – Place directly in pool skimmer

    Reduces heat lost to evaporation

    Helps extend your swimming season

    Larger of the two available sizes

    Made for pools up to 30k gallons

    Lasts up to one month

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