Spa Alkalinity Increaser 2lb Jar

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»» Description:

Alkalinity up, Spa Alkalinity Increaser 2lb jar - RAISES ALKALINITY TO IDEAL LEVELS!

Balanced water chemistry is the first, most important step to clean, sparkling water. Raising alkalinity to the "safe zone" of 80 to 150 ppm makes your pH easier to keep in line and makes your sanitizer work more effectively. Use Spa Alkalinity Up to stop the eye irritation and corrosion that can result when your alkalinity drops below 80 ppm.

»» Application:

  • Spa's & Hot Tub's

»» Features:

  • Helps buffer the pH.

  • Helps Chlorine/Bromine work more effectively.

  • Used to help stop eye irritation and corrosion.

  • Keep your spa safe to swim in!

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