Weather-Out Heat Pump Cover

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»» Description:

Weather-Out Heat Pump Cover

Weather-Out Heat Pump Cover features a high quality durable vinyl exterior that resists tears and damage from sunlight while protecting the heater from rain, salt water spray, sprinkler systems, ice, snow, leaves, and other debris, you name it! The non-woven interior lining does not retain moisture and prevents condensation. Add to that the generous fit of the cover, which allows plenty of air flow, and the result is a clean, dry heater. Weather-Out manufactures high quality pool heater cover that protect your expensive equipment from damaging and efficiency hampering debris. During the fall and early spring, trees are shedding an abundance of leaves, twigs, seeds and pine needles which lay inside your heater trapping moisture. In the winter, rain, snow and ice accumulate in, on and around your heater. During these times of the year, when problems are at their peak, your heater will be properly covered and protected.

»» Application:

  • In ground pool

»» Features:

  • Weather-Out Heat Pump Cover
  • Fits most swimming pool heat pumps
  • During the fall and early spring
  • Trees are shedding an abundance of leaves
  • Fall leaves & debris
  • Winter ice & snow
  • Spring tree buds & early debris

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