Carmelli Shot King Sisal Dartboard

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Carmelli Shot King Sisal Dartboard. Enjoy a quality game of darts with the shot king sisal dart board. Made of superior grade self-healing sisal fibers, this tournament style board features a moveable metal number ring so you can easily rotate your board and extend playing life. The round shaped wires and staple free Bullseye reduce Bounce- Outs and deliver maximum performance. A great board to play on no matter what level your game is.

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Self–healing board made of sisal fibers


Round shaped wires and a staple free Bullseye for fewer bounce-outs


Moveable number ring extends the life of the board


Easy to use mounting hardware


Game manual


Free darts included - 2 sets of steel darts (2-packs of 3)


Dimensions: 18”H x 18”W x1 ½” D

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