Koolatron FZ01G-Flea Zapper w/ Electronic comb

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»» Description:

The Koolatron FZ01G-Flea Zapper w/ Electronic Comb can eliminate fleas from your pet without the use of sprays, dips, or powders. This unique, patented, comb works by detecting and killing the adult fleas found on many cats, kittens, short hair dogs and puppies. Fleas are killed on contact as you comb your pet! This approach to flea control may be less stressful on your pet than other treatment programs. Some pets may object to the sound of the Flea Zapper Comb. This can usually be overcome by turning the unit "on" and just placing it near the animal. After the animal becomes accustomed to the buzzing sound, you can begin combing for short periods of time, gradually increasing the time of use until your pet is no longer alarmed by the sound of the unit in use.

»» Application:

  • For use with pets

»» Features:

  • Eliminates fleas on contact
  • Works on many different hair types
  • No messy shampoos, powders or sprays
  • Effective for kittens and puppies too
  • Includes a brush to easily remove fleas from comb

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